Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cardio Post Workout II, cycling one legged, Foot Surgery

Well, sometimes getting to the gym is not the easiest task. We've had quite a bit of snow lately, and there is something intimidating about walking with a knee scooter, that doesn't have snow tires, to get in a car or to walk into the gym when there is snow on the ground. I was talking to a friend about this, and she suggested setting up my bike on a trainer and biking one-legged in my house. I thought it was a brilliant idea.

I had to borrow her trainer; luckily she doesn't need it right now. Getting on an off the bike took quite a bit of figuring out. I still can't put any weight on my right, surgical foot. This is where the knee scooter came in handy. I hung onto it while I swung my leg over, then my husband moved it to the other side, so I could rest my foot on the seat while I biked.

If you haven't tried biking with one leg, you should give it a shot, it is quite a work-out. I rode for 10 minutes yesterday, and today I made 15 minutes. My goal is to add more minutes later on in the day, so I can gradually increase the day's total to 60 minutes.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Post Surgery - cardio rehab, Hand Cycle

Well, I've been trying to get some cardio at home using hand weights, therabands, and a disc. However, staying in the house all the time is enough to make a person go mad. So, I've ventured out of the house a couple of times to try the hand cycles at my gym. They are a good workout, and it is nice to get out of the house. The problem is I have to rely on someone to take me, and that hasn't been an easy task with all the holiday shopping and parties. One more week before I can try to walk with this boot on - maybe it will get easier then.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Phase II post surgery on foot, walking boot

This past week, my stitches were taken out and I was put in this glorious massive boot. The boot is about 1/3 my size. Sleeping has been elusive since the boot appeared. I don't know if it the weight, but it puts extra pressure on the surgical area, which in turn causes more pain. I have to sleep in the boot for nine more days, then I'll feel like a freed woman. I still can't walk on it, although it is called a walking boot. Again, the nine more days will be the key. At that point, I can try to walk. If it is painful, I'm to stop. I can only do a little bit at a time...

Friday, December 11, 2015

Well here I am, post surgery

Post - Surgery

Well, I finally had to give in to surgery. The problem is I will need to do this to the other foot in another year, or after my right leg rebuilds its muscle.

The arthritis in my foot, plus a bunion were at the point where every run I was doing was painful. The doc said it would only get worse if I wait. The toes were starting to bend over (hammer toe), and causing extreme pain on the ball of my foot, plus I kept getting injured. Funny how your foot can affect your knee and hip. 

The surgery went well, but recovery has been rough. I have to keep the foot non-weight bearing for four weeks. At this point I have two more weeks to go. Then I will be able to walk in a walking boot for six weeks. I've been getting around on a knee scooter - which has been my nemesis - if I am on it for very long, it hurts my knee and the other foot. It also has a horrible steering radius. Often I just have lift it and turn it the direction I want to go. 

Two days ago, my stitches were taken out (I won't show you because it almost made me throw-up when I first saw it), and the pain started all over again. Today is much better, and the sun is shining - I can see it out my window. 

More of pre and post to follow. 
"Let the beauty we love be what we do.." - Rumi

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Top of Utah Half Marathon, Aug. 2014, Linda Dalton Walker, Still Running

Whew, well I made it through the Top of Utah Half Marathon, and finished in a respectable time. Jessica Stanford, who runs with the coach I am training under, shared the room with me in Logan, Utah. Driving to Logan was long because of the traffic and weather - double the usual time. By the time we picked up our packets and arrived at the the hotel it was time to go to bed, and we still needed to eat.

Thundershowers - downpours, filled the day and night and filled us with apprehension for the upcoming race. I knew I did not want to run 13 miles in a downpour, and knowing myself, I knew I would still race. As we were arranging our clothes for the race the next day, we kept adding warmer and warmer clothes to our pile asking ourselves what would we really need to wear.

It was one of those nights filled with limbo sleep and I wondered if I would be able to perform that well during the race. Up at 4:00 AM, a piece of bread with honey (that I had to choke down), and a cup of hot green tea. We couldn't see the sky to see how cloudy it was, but we were excited that at that point it was not raining.

The race director had organized buses to pick us up front the hotel and take us to the start of the race, so we didn't have to worry about parking. The bus was abuzz with excitement as well as tired and focused runners. All of us wondering what how we would perform today and our end result.

I hit the bathroom twice and was ready to get the race on. I decided to run with the 2:00 pacer, because I knew my body was capable of running that pace for the 13.1 miles. The race started right on time, and I was on the heels or the side of the pacer. I had to keep reminding myself that I was a strong woman, that I had trained hard for this race - I was prepared. When negative thoughts started permeating my mind, I told myself that I had easily ran this pace with my friend Colleen several times. If my body started to hurt, I would remind myself to align my body and use my butt muscles.

We were right on pace, the pacer doing an excellent job of taking care of those around him and ensuring we would hit each miles as determined ahead of time. Mile nine, as we went through the aid station to get water, something in my hip locked, and I couldn't seem to get to move the way I wanted. Sadly, I watched the pacer move away with the rest of the group. Slowing down my pace seemed to help the hip and the plantar fascia, who was also talking to me in loud tones I focused on maintaining a pace that would still get me close to the two hours that I wanted. As the course became more hilly I just kept focusing on my form - was I standing upright, was my butt tucked in. Focusing on form, helped me move the focus away from the pain I was feeling - physically and emotionally. The energy supplements I had brought with me began to take a toll on my stomach, and I had to spit them out.

Jessica was running 20 miles this day as an additional training run for an upcoming marathon. She had finished her half in just under 1:30, and came out to find me (she took first in the women's master's division). She joined me when I had 1.5 miles to go, and chatted about how everyone in our group did, so I could take my mind off what was going on with my hip and foot. I loved the company and the support at the end. As soon as I saw the timer, I noticed it was 2:04:14, so I thought I really don't have to push it because I will still end up in the 2:04 range. However, I forgot that this is chipped timed, and my time was really faster, so I came in at 2:04:04 - I really could have added a bit of a sprint at the end and finished in the 2:03 range, but I was so happy with my time, and that I was finished, I didn't care.

I ended up taking second in my age division. The first woman's time was 1:50 - very impressive, and there is no way at this time that I can run that fast. The third place woman was 2:21, so quite a spread among the three of us.

After the race, I just didn't feel right, and during the award's ceremony, I had to find a place to throw-up. I was shaking - very cold, and nauseated. I have to figure out a better system for adding fuel during a race and long runs.

The weather turned out to be perfect - cloudy with a few sprinkles here and there, and at the end the sun began to pop through. I didn't have to stop to go to the bathroom, so that was another plus.

All in all it really was a pretty good race. and I am proud of what I accomplished. I took 8 minutes off my half marathon time from the Salt Lake Half Marathon in April of this year. The courses are a bit similar as far as the downhill and uphill involved, so it is a good comparison.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

##RWCoverContest, Vote for me.

Okay, I've put this off until the last minute, not certain if I could use the photo from the Deseret News  10K that was taken by Xotio, or if I would even have a chance of winning.  But, I entered into the Runner's World Cover Contest. Please, Please, Please, go on line and vote for me. The contest ends at midnight on the 15th, so there isn't much time. The votes count for 10% of the overall decision. 

Please forward to anyone you think will vote. the hashtag is: #RWCoverContest


You can vote today and tomorrow:)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

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Okay... so, I've tried this blog thing for awhile, and I will more than likely come back to it when I can get my writing to say what I want.

Follow me on Instagram. I will be posting items about my running and my art.